About us

“AtyrauNefteMash” LLP is unique enterprise in the Republic of Kazakhstan which specializes in manufacturing equipment for wells repair and construction, processing, extraction and skimming of oil and heat-power equipment for Oil fields.

Company has over 90 years of history and development of the engineering industry in the country.   

In the early 20th century, after the establishment of Soviet system in Guryev in late 1918 to serve water and rail transport mechanical workshop was established, which begins the timeline of machine-building plant “AtyrauNefteMash” LLP.

In 1921, after the nationalization of Emba oil fields group “Embaneft” was established. And starting from 1922 machine shop was re-designed to produce spare parts and repair of oilfield equipment and handed over to the plant “Embaneft.”

In 1931 mechanical workshops were renamed to mechanical plant.

In 1941 Machine-Building Plant of Petrovsky was evacuated from Ukraine, Donbass to Guryev which, naturally, have been placed on the already existing production facilities of Guryev mechanical plant.

In 1943, the plant was transferred from the jurisdiction of KazakhstanNefteKombinat to Glavneftemash of People’s Commissariat of oil and is the only petroleum engineering plant in Kazakhstan.
In 1970 the plant was transferred to Oil equipment and tools repair Department of Minnefteprom, plant reconstruction plan was developed which was running for over 10 years.

From 1995 to 1997 “ZiP” JCS does not operate and was in very difficult financial and industrial condition.

In May 25, 2000 “AtyrauNefteMash” LLP was created which paid the debts of JSC “ZIP” to banks, budget, salary and became the owner of the premises and equipment of JSC “ZIP” which was bankrupt by that time.

In 2008 “AtyrauNefteMash” LLP was carried outside the city to the new site of 5 hectares.

This site area includes:
1) office building;
2) dormitory for 50 persons and canteen;
3) service unit area – ​​430 m² (boiler house, DCS, machinery);
4) fabrication yard, 750 m², two bays, equipped with two overhead cranes with lifting capacity of 5 tons with the installed equipment:
– Bandsaw machine MP6-1920-00, largest Ø of cut material – 400 mm – 2 pcs;
– Plasma Cutting Machine Vanad with  NPC – maximum thickness of the cut out parts – 24 mm;
5) welding and assembly shop  area of ​​7000 m², three bays,  bridge cranes with lifting capacity of 50 and 16 tons (2 cranes) of equipment installed:

1st bay: – lathes (maximum turning diameter of 1600 mm. Max. Length – 3800 mm., Max. Weight – 10000 kg.) Models.: C10M, 16K20, 1K62D, RT 2118F1, SU 580M, 163M, 1M65;
– Hobbing machines (max. Ø of cut gears 2500 mm., Max. Module cutting gear teeth 12, max. Weight – 3000 kg.) Models.5D32, 5K32A;
– Radial Drilling (max Ø Drilling – 80 mm., Max. Operating depth – 1200 mm., Max. Workpiece size 6000×1200 (Ø by height) 5A22 «CARLTON» and 2N55;
– Pipe Threading Machines (max. Ø pipes – 300 mm., Max. Pipe length – 12 m) models: 9M14DF101, 1A983;
– Surface grinding machine (max. size of processing – 1200x600x500 mm., Max. Workpiece weight – 800 kg.)
– Knee-type milling machine, model. 6D81G, 6R81, table size 250×800;
– Machine band saw VMB 280 METORA, the largest piece of cut Ø – 250 mm;
– Horizontal Boring and Milling Machine UNION – largest. Ø drilling faceplate – 750 mm; largest Ø for turning of flange face plate – 1400 mm,

2nd bay: Crank type shears. 16×3150;
– Hydraulic press brake IB 1430, Rated force, kN – 1000, Table length – 4000 mm, table width – 200 mm;
– Hydraulic 3-roller bending machine KRB 2512, “Knut” – the thickness of a flexible metal 20 mm;
– Hydraulic 3-roller bending machine KRB 101, “Knut”:
– Welding machines «Fronius», transsunergic – 4000 – 8 pcs.
– Welding machines transsunergic – 2700 – 5 pcs.
– Welding machines transsunergic -2600 – 3 pcs.
– Welding machines transsunergic -5000 – 2 pcs.

6) storage area – 810 m²;
7) dead-end track  with two spurs to 150 meters each and crane lifting capacity 30 tons;
Since 2008 machine assembly shop was being built of ​​3654 m² area, with lifting capacity of 5 tons. Completion date – December 2010.

In 2010 construction of the transportation department was performed – ​​1200 m².

The maximum dimensions of manufactured steel structures and individual mounting blocks manufactured equipment: 15x4x4 meters, weight 50 tons. For installation plant has trucks and trawl of lifting capacity 30 and 60 tons and auto cranes with capacity of 20 and 63 tons. Also there is a special car of stand-alone welding and assembly crew equipped with manipulator crane, diesel generator, welding and all the necessary accessories, including painting of GRACO Company.

The plant specializes in the production of:
– Oil preheaters – oilfield and tubular;
– Vessel and separation equipment;
– Heat transfer equipment;
– Elements of pipelines;
– Flare equipment;
– Group metering facilities for flow rates of production wells for heavy oil;
– Combs blocks BG-5CM, BG-8CM;
– Modular pumping oil stations;
– Heating water boilers VKO/ ANM;
– Automatic fire fighting system SAP/PPNP-ANM-3;
– Heat generators for heating air line Model GNVT capacity of 80, 120, 150, 200, 250, 320 kW, on gas;
– Modular boilers;
– Pumping units ACS type;
– Turnaround of pumping units and oilfield equipment;
– Manufacture of steel structures.